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Nailed It!

Jeremiah 17:5-101 Corinthians 15:12-20Luke 6:17-26 I’d like to begin by reminding you of the journey that we’ve been on since we encountered the wise men and the star they followed. First, we talked about Jesus as the revelation of God’s active presence in the world, and many of us took “star words” to guide us through the year. Mine was “devotion.”
Since then we celebrated the baptism of Jesus and the pattern living it set forth for us. We went to a wedding in Cana and considered how those with a servant’s heart are the first to know of the miracles in their midst. We talked about gifts of the Spirit and heard about the calling of prophets and disciples and communities of faith and love.
Last week we talked about how confronting the presence of God can be in our lives and the horrible temptation to turn to things that are more familiar when God calls us into deep water to cast our nets. I want to pick up there and begin with a little confession of one of the ways that I sometimes dist…

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