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Are You Threatening me?

Jeremiah 31:31-34Hebrews 5:5-10John 12:20-33
OK. We’re five Sundays into Lent and one away from Palm Sunday. It’s time for a pop quiz. Are you ready? In our gospel reading, the Greeks have come asking to see Jesus. What if someone asked you that question today? What would you say? Where have you seen Jesus in the past week? I would say metaphorically, but our theology includes those who follow Jesus in the body of Christ – which is the physical manifestation of Jesus in the world today. So, where and when – outside of these four walls – have you seen Jesus in the world this week?
(Answers are given: in the kindness of strangers, the PDA work team, the beauty of creation)
These are great answers! As for me, just asking myself this question one morning opened me up to all kinds of possibilities. In fact, that same morning I was walking to my car from the gym and I sneezed. Just as I was thinking how nice it is when people say, “Bless you!” and lamenting that there was no one to bless me, a…

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