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House of Faith – With Love from Cuba

This is the sermon that I preached through an interpreter on May 14, 2017 at Eglasia Presbyteriana Union de Reyes and also Eglaisia Presbyteriana Sabanilla in Matanzas Presbytery, Cuba. It is based on Matthew 7:21-27

Hello! I bring you greetings from the United States of America, the Presbytery of South Louisiana, and First Presbyterian Church in Lafayette, Louisiana. While it is my privilege to represent the church that I serve, it is an even greater honor to come before you as a brother and a servant of Jesus.

It is in his name that I come before you, and because of your faith in him my belief in God is strengthened and encouraged. In fact, many of my friends were confused when I told them why I was going to Cuba. They said, “Oh, you are going on a mission trip!” I said, “No. I am going for missionary training. The mission trip will begin when I come home from Cuba!”

So, my brothers and sisters, I am well aware that your faith is strong. I am not deceived into thinking that my country,…

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