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Evidenced Based Policy

Acts 2:14a, 22-321 Peter 1:3-9John 20:19-31
The march began with a man shouting into a bullhorn, “What do we want?” The crowd replied, “Evidence based policy!” He goaded them, “When do we want it?” and they replied, “After peer review!”

So began the March for Science by a few in our town and thousands in cities across our nation yesterday. It was also Earth Day – the 47th annual Earth Day, in fact. It’s no coincidence that these events overlapped, given the conversations in our nation about the impact of civil society on the world we live in. We, unlike any other organism on the planet, impact the health of the planet and the availability of its resources. We, unlike any other organism on the planet, have been gifted with rational minds and the ability to make decisions as individuals and as communities and nations.

That ability, that responsibility, is what was behind the March for Science yesterday and every Earth Day celebration since 1970. Now, I know that some of you have been aroun…

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