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Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Exodus 15:1b-11, 20-21     Romans 14:1-12     Matthew 18:21-35 Whether you realize it or not, we have entered into a new season of ecumenical relationships in the church. Now, those of you who know about the Downtown Faith Alliance (DTFA) may be thinking about the “Sacred Space” that we provided during LCG’s recent “Park(ing) Day.” If you aren’t aware, that was an event where community members took over parking spaces downtown and made “miniature parks”.
Ours (the DTFA) was a space for sacred rest with church pews from the Salvation Army, a prayer rug from the Islamic Center, a prayer journal from First UMC, and candles from FPC. Members of Temple shalom and Trinity CME also contributed time and resources to the space, and a member of Christ Church provided music. It was a well-received space, and we were awarded “best on a budget.” (John Calvin would be so proud.)
While that was a very successful effort, there is yet a greater expression of religion and devotion that has begun – Fall …

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