Preamble for Old Blog

This was imported along with posts from a previous blog titled "When Did I See You?"

The title expresses a fundamental view of mine. The proclamation that we serve God through serving others trumps doctrine and dogma. It reminds me that I don't serve others because it wins me points, but rather because they in their weakness and poverty have more blessing to offer me than I in my abundance have for them. So, social justice trumps political correctness and affiliation. Common bonds of human experience trump allegiances of all other kind. And in this space I hope to build some conversation about how these ideas translate into a "new" way of being in the world that has actually been around for about two thousand years or more.

Obviously by the slant of the above argument I am of the class of the "haves" rather than one of the "have nots." Even though I'm not wealthy by US standards, I am filthy rich by global standards. There are certain pretensions in even discussing people in terms of "I" as servant and "them" as needy. Such is the limitation of language and also the view of the world. Therein lies the rub and the point of all of this. We are but parts of a whole, each seeking to find a greater knowledge of self, and ultimately of God, through one another.

So I'll post sermons, random thoughts, and just whatever feels good. Feel free to comment or question whatever the Spirit moves you to. Hopefully we can build a community that is bigger than the church we serve and the truths we proclaim so that we can all get a better vision of who God is, who we are, and what that means for our lives together on this big blue marble.

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