Emails from Baton Rouge

Clint Mitchel, mentioned in the previous article, is an Associate Pastor in Baton Rouge. They have set up a shelter for expectant and new mothers and are involved in providing assistance reuniting displaced families. I'll post an email here from a list serve that several of my friends from seminary are on. I'll post a few more as comments. Feel free to add your own comments about how your congregation or group is responding. Presently the congregation I serve is taking up a special offering. Some members are also taking in students who have been relocated to VA.

Here's what Clint needs/is doing:
Our church has set up a shelter for expectant and new mothers and infants. We are working with people from all over on supplies. Right now, monetary donations are most helpful, partially because the needs are changing from day to day. Our church has set up a fund for Hurricane Relief efforts. To send a donation, please make a check out to University Presbyterian Church and indicate Hurrican Relief in the memo line.

Other supplies that we are working with are mainly related to pregnant women, and new borns and their mothers. So supplies related to their needs (you are more expert on this point than I) is what we are collecting: formula, diapers, vitamins, bottles, etc.

Life is totally insane right now. Thanks for your concern and your compassion. As I know more needs, I'll let you know.


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