Name Change?

So far I know at least two people have viewed this blog. I was thinking about a comment one of you made and wondering if the name of this blog should be changed. In the title "When have I seen you?" I was considering that to be the question God might ask of me (and of everyone) in light of Matthew 25:30-42. My concern is that others may think I am talking about myself as the person asking the question of others. So, what's your reaction to the title? Please comment. Maybe a better title is "When did we see you?" meaning, when did we see God in the face of the untouchables or the unloved. And how have we been recipients of grace while seeking to respond to the "others" in our world? I guess I could also add a "preamble" like the one found on the recovering Christians blog, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. If there are any random souls who see this, I'd love some input.
Grace and Peace,
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