I was thinking the other day about a guy I knew in High School. He was one of the bravest people I've ever met. He wasn't an athlete or a class leader in any way. He was kind of mousy and shy. He sat alone at lunch with a Bible on the table next to him. Sometimes he would read to himself. He never talked about it to anyone who did not ask. He simply gave a silent, personal witness. The sad thing is that no one ever sat with him until all the other tables were full. I am ashamed to admit that I didn't sit with him either. Even worse, I don't even remember his name.

When Jesus calls his first disciples in Matt 4:18-22, they leave their fishing nets and follow him. They leave everything! Now, I'm not suggesting that we need to do the same. But I wonder, what do we need to set down in order to follow him? Not everyone can just drop everything. Not everyone can make a public witness as bold as reading scripture in the middle of a High School cafeteria. But everyone can have an impact on someone. Sure, we can have a silent witness of good works, but how is anyone to know why you do them?

The word impact has to do with the amount of force or pressure that is absorbed when two things collide. We can not live without having some impact on someone else. Life is a full contact sport. The question is not, "Will you impact someone?" it is "How will you impact someone?" Take some time today to think about your Christian witness (the way you impact others because of your faith). Faith is personal, but it is never private. A personal faith that does not impact your choices and relationships is like a seed you planted the never grew.

So, how will you impact someone for Christ today? Opportunities abound. Have fun with it!

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