Dance Teacher

For most of her life my daughter has claimed that she wants to be a dance teacher when she grows up because then I can build her a studio and she can teach me to dance. Well, today was "dress up like the profession you want" day at school. When deciding between the pink and black leotard she said, very thoughtfully, "A Ballet teacher wears black." Putting her hair in a bun was an adventure (Treva was at work, and I had not done this before.), but I think it worked. I asked her for a picture and she immediately got into 1st position with head turned to profile.

She had a great day and would not take off her dance clothes until bath time. During prayers she asked God to bless her litany of best friends that live all across the Eastern Seaboard, and one I did not know. Turns out it was a little girl she met at First Christian Church last night. We went over because they were hosting a few families through Family promise (formerly Interfaith Housing). We told the kids that the children they would play with did not have a home like we did, and we were going over to make them feel loved. We were not to talk about their situation but only talk about their likes and dislikes and play games. At one point Zoe taught her new friend an impromptu ballet lesson. It was only natural to remember her in prayer after being in character all day.

How many times do we tell people we will pray for them? How often do we? It was nice to be reminded how serious this commitment is. It was nice to be reminded that it wasn't about commitment at all for my daughter. It is simply her character to offer to God those things that are troubling and assume that God is involved. I sure am glad she is here to teach me how to dance.

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