Prayers for Leigh

Leigh Peterson is a phenomenal young woman who runs a non-profit without pay and works for another one to pay the bills.  She takes in strays (people - not cats), and has been recognized in the community for her hard work.  She lives her faith, albeit imperfectly, as intentionally as she is able to.  Leigh has been suffering from something they can't define for a few months now.  She becomes dizzy and disoriented and has other neurological symptoms.  They have ruled out most of the major stuff (cancer, tumor, etc.).  They have monitored her heart to check for arrhythmia, and she is currently undergoing a sleep study.  Please pray that God will offer clarity.  Not because Leigh is so good - which she is even though she would deny it.  Pray for her because God is good.  Please pray that God's sustaining presence will be evident, that a diagnosis will be achieved, and that a treatment plan will be developed.  Oh, and that she has sweet dreams!
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