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You may have read some of the earlier posts about friends I have in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I started working with a friend named Sonya in Metairie and some other ministers in our presbytery to field a team of youth to go down there during Spring Break. God has provided the leadership and a crew of 15 youth and 10 adults from 6 congregations is down there right now. I'll be posting thier emails so you can get a first hand account of their experience.

I'm disapointed that I could not convey to my youth and their families the opportunity of meeting Christ in the need of others. I am disappointed that leisure and convenience trumps human suffering. At the same time I am aware that these brave souls have gone into dangerous territory where there is much disease and opportunity for personal injury. I am also guilty of this same transgression, as I can not justify going on the trip without my youth given that Treva and I have a 2 yr. old and a six week old at home with no extended family in the area to offer support.

It seems only fitting to me that they do this at this time of year. Our moderator, Rick Ufford-Chase, was recently quoted as saying, "The only way to the resurection is through the cross and suffering. Jesus makes this clear. He will suffer, and anyone else who gets it will suffer too." The joy of the resurection is ours, friends. The joy of the cross is ours as well. Pray for my friends and colleagues.
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