Do Birds Sing Louder After a Storm?

I live in Savannah, Ga.  We had a pretty good storm last night.  It was the kind that wakes you up off and on and makes a person living in a costal city wonder about evacuation routes.  There were a few minutes of calm after I woke for the day.  I noticed it when I got out of the shower.  There was a different sound, and a different tension, in the air.  Things seemed calmer, but yet still excited.  

The sound I heard was the sound of birds singing, and I wondered if they were louder.  Were they checking to see who was still there?  Were they boasting about there skill in surviving the night?  Were they in there own way shaking an angry fist at the heavens?  Who knows if a bird has a concept of deity that we can understand.  

What about us?  What sound escapes our lips when we first realize a storm has passed?  Praise? Thanksgiving? Care for others?  Do we in our own way shake an angry fist at God when our children or parents fall ill?  I wonder, sometimes, if we have a concept of a deity that a bird could understand.

If you have read this, take heart.  For God is with you in every storm.  I wish I could give you a prayer that would cure cancer or fix broken relationships.  But the reality is that we live in an environment where storms are part of life.  If you have voice to sing, please pray for Josephine, a friend of mine who is dealing with crippling back pain.  She has three children, a strong husband, and an even stronger faith.  Pray also for Laura, a friend of my wife's who lost both of her parents in automobile accident this past week.  

Give thanks for the day!! Live it fully, for storms will come and storms will go.  But the love of God changes never.  That is what gives us the breathe to sing in the first place.  If you don't believe me, go ask a bird.
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