Become like a child

3And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Mathew 18:3

I often wonder what parameters Jesus had in mind.  How old were the children he referred to?  We pass along stories about babies talking to God and children with great wisdom, but do we truly value their perspective?  Do we have any intention of "changing to become like them"?  Sometimes I wonder if it is simply the ability to wonder and to allow the fantastic to be real that children offer as a critique to our over developed sense of self importance.  

Sam is in a magical age at 3 yrs. old.  The other day he fashioned a pirate hat out of thin air and put it on my head.  Tonight we had a dialogue about super heroes, although he was wearing his "Cars" pj's.
Disclaimer: He is 3.  Most conversations are about body functions.
Sam: Dad, I'm Superman!  Superman doesn't pull down his pajamas to go potty.
Me: He does if he wants to go potty.....he goes Super Potty!
Sam: Oh, I want to go Super Potty!
Next step in the process of going to bed is prayer.
Sam: Dad, Superman doesn't sleep.
Me: He does if he wants to keep his super powers.  He does a super prayer and gets in his super bed for a super sleep.
Sam: OK, I'll get in my super bed.
The nightly prayer ritual involves me repeating the following prayer after him.  Treva instigated this ritual.  I repeat at "/" while he leads me through it.  Dear God,/ Thank you/ for our family/ forgive us/ and watch over us./ Amen.
Sam: Daddy, you're Batman!
Me: I'm Batman?  Why, Sam?
Sam: Because you do good Bat prayers.
I tussle his curly mop, kiss his forehead and say good night.  A few minutes later he comes out for the ritual second potty before bed.  
Sam: Spiderman makes Spider poop.
Me: Oh-ka-ay.  Let's get you back in your Super Bed.
On his way to bed, holding up his bear.
Sam: Does Spider-man have Spiderbear?
Me: Yes, Sam...I'm sure he does.  Good night.

Cute, yes.  Theologically relevant, maybe.  Not in a systematic way, more like a window into  something more.  

We are what we believe.  So wear that pirate hat proudly, Friend.  There be dragons and nasty work afoot.  Take Sabbath rest when needed, for you will need your Super Powers in the morning.  Don't think you have Super Powers?  How about the fruits of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?  If you believe in Christ Jesus, these may be yours in some form or fashion.  

Now, speaking of such things...I'm going to go get in my Super Bed.  Good night, and God bless!

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