Swim Lessons

So, here I sit, poolside @ the Y. My daughter's class is lined up on the side with feet in the pool. Each in turn are going to one end to swim the length of a lane. Their teacher is in the water with them. A lifeguard with a clipboard has silently joined to evaluate, and another is on the stand and ready to save.

The class cheers one another on, or at least they did for the first three. Miraculously they began again when the weakest swimmer began.  My heart feels the pang of guilt when another parent cheers with me for my child (I was blogging during his).

I can't help but reflect on how this is like the church.  Three lifeguards may seem like overkill, but is that not what we have received through Christ?  I like he idea that God is in it with us, evaluating our progress, and ready to save. We always need a God who is ready to save. Why else would confession be part of our regular spiritual walk?

Then there's the church, called together and given purpose by God. We encourage one another in our work, and we are strongest when one of us experiences trials. Sometimes we forget or get distracted, and God is ever present to correct, guide, and sustain.

All thanks and praise, glory and honor be to God for that!
Zach Sasser - sent from my Droid

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