Waiting on a friend

Today is a very exciting day! My family and I have been on a road trip from Louisiana to Virginia.  We came up here so that I can perform the wedding ceremony for a friend.  Along the way we have had many adventures, connected with old friends, and shared a lot of quality time in the car. 

Unfortunately the car has not enjoyed the quality time as much as we have.  We have had some minor trouble, but it is enough to get it checked.  So, I am now at least third Ford dealership that I have contacted, as they are the first to have been sympathetic.

So here I sit waiting on my friend, Todd, to come and rescue me.  What a blessing it is to have friends! 

Hopefully they can just reset the computer (because that seems to beat a problem), and we can we are on our way.  For now we have a packed schedule connecting with old friends, marrying and joining people together.  And for that privilege we give thanks!

The rest will be as it will be, and God will see us through. Amen.

Zach Sasser - sent from my Droid

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