Let Love Overtake You

“Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever.” 
Psalm 136:26

Just the other day my daughter called me outside to ask me to help her with some sidewalk chalk. She wanted to write the phrase “Let LOVE Overtake You!” in big letters, and thought it might take her too long unassisted. How could I resist? Not only that, how could I agree with the value of her impassioned plea without joining in? Suddenly, I am reminded of the Vision Statement for the church. First Presbyterian is “A Place to Experience, Express, and Explore the Love of God.” In Psalm 136, each of the 26 verses end with, “His love endures forever.” Love is of God. The Psalmist speaks of the way the love of God has been experienced by the Israelites over and over again in the good creation we all enjoy, in God’s sustaining presence in the wilderness, and through victory over those who would enslave them. In all of these things, God’s love is the active force. And so it is for us as a community of believers. We are a gathering of souls that exist not because of this program or that, but because we believe that God is both active and present. We believe that in our worship and life together that we might find a deeper understanding of the God who is with us in all things. And so, as we look to the events of the church, let us not be moved by obligation. Let us be moved by the Spirit of God. Let us be overtaken, overrun, and consumed by the love of God, which endures forever. In this hope I stand with you.

Grace and Peace,
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